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Get evidence into the hands of investigators in record time!
Process mobile phone evidence up to 20 times faster.
Create workflow automations in just seconds.
Securely investigate your remote workforce.
Scale up for massive cases, heavy case volumes,
& large organizational footprints.
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Explore the new features of 7.6

Lightning-Fast Mobile Data Processing

FTK now supports native extractions from mobile devices provided by tools like Cellebrite or Oxygen. Process and parse mobile data directly in FTK for lightning-fast review.

By processing and parsing both mobile and computer evidence in a single database, investigators can speed through review and analysis by finding common connections across data sources.

As a certified Grayshift Technology Alliances Partner, FTK can fully and accurately import and parse mobile iOS and Android extractions created by GrayKey.


Create Automations with Unprecedented Ease

Built for non-programmers, FTK Connect’s intuitive interface allows users to easily create automations for any case type with a drag-and-drop interface. Be instantly productive with minimal training. Automate tasks like evidence processing, case creation, searching and review.

FTK Connect can also instantly preserve electronic evidence upon detection of an intrusion. Automate collection from remote endpoints based on triggers from SOAR and SIEM solutions like Palo Alto Networks Cortex XSOAR.


Enterprise-ready Architecture

FTK solutions can scale up to meet the advanced requirements of large labs, case sizes, and case volumes.

PostGres compatibility helps organizations of all sizes become processing powerhouses at an affordable cost.

Advanced SQL configurations for truly unlimited scalability and reliability:

  • SQL Multi-Server Setup lets you divide case files between servers.
  • SQL High Availability safeguards against interrupted processing, with one server taking over if another fails.


Off-network Live Preview

Preview the contents of potentially compromised endpoints that are online but not connected to the VPN. View the endpoint’s folder structure, filter for specific file and data types, and view files of interest before performing a collection, all within a Zero Trust infrastructure.

Off-network live preview is an industry-exclusive feature of the FTK Suite and gives organizations peace-of-mind while managing a remote workforce.

View endpoint search results instantaneously with configurable indexing during a remote Live Preview connection.


Protecting CSAM Investigators

When images are categorized as a CAID or Project Vic material match, they are automatically flagged and obscured in the thumbnail view to protect investigators from repeated viewing of explicit content


Multiple Images of Evidence

Support the chain of custody by attaching photos of evidence devices from multiple angles, including pictures of pre-existing damage and images of the device powered on and off.


No matter the type of forensic investigation,

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