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We’ve doubled down on innovation to bring more speed, power, and scalability to the entire FTK Product Family

Precision ABBYY® OCR. Exceptional Offline Language Translation. Super-intelligent Mac artifact parsing. Lightning-fast processing speeds. A huge leap in Endpoint Collection Scalability. Dramatic efficiency gains using Artificial Intelligence for EID and Video Recognition. Cutting edge technology that makes it all possible. Dashboards so responsive you can pinpoint the most important data points across all cases. It’ll change the way you perform digital forensic investigations.

Explore the new features of 7.5.1

Perform Mac Investigations Like Never Before

Unmatched support for Mac data types, applications & artifacts

  • Support for Apple Mail, iMessage, iWork, Safari, Outlook for Mac email files, and Mac Artifacts
  • Parse and render Apple file content in near-native format to perform the most comprehensive Mac investigations
  • Process an AFF4 image 8 times faster than the competition — 26 mins vs. 3.5 hours!
Integrated Offline Language Translation

For cross-border investigations & multilingual data sets

  • Collect, Process, TRANSLATE and Review — all in one forensic platform
  • Contextual Translation of chats, documents and emails up front or on the fly for ultimate workflow flexibility
  • Manually edit misinterpretations and slang for complete accuracy
AI-based video recognition

Automatically identifies and flags critical objects in evidence videos

  • Significantly reduce time needed to review videos + identify points of interest by leveraging AI
  • Eliminate hours of manual video review by leveraging AI to automatically flag key elements like knives, guns and drugs
Built-in Next Gen ABBYY® OCR Processing

The perfect combination for precision text recognition, accuracy and speed

  • Virtually eliminate retyping and reformatting with brand new precision document conversion capabilities from ABBYY FIneReader OCR
  • Multilingual OCR can detect and convert multiple languages in a single document in one pass
Identify IOCs & Malicious Activity Before it Wreaks Havoc

With new IOC, YARA and MISP Support

  • Investigate a ransomware attack, data breach, or insider threat by scanning for Indicators of Compromise
  • Go beyond basic Incident Response by detecting and analyzing suspicious activity, traffic, applications and processes
  • Uncover traces of suspicious activity in the form of IOCs, YARA rules, and shared MISP indicators
  • Determine if you’ve been compromised by examining the “digital fingerprints” left by a bad actor
Unmatched Scalable Endpoint Collection and Processing Speeds

Achieve significant efficiency gains

  • Easily collect volatile data from 20,000 remote endpoints simultaneously
  • Process files like AFF4 images 8x faster than the competition
Interactive, Customizable, Cross-case Dashboards

For full transparency and insight into case data

  • Don’t Just Look at Your Data, Interact with it!
  • Create the custom dashboard of your dreams with FTK Central
  • Get a bird’s eye view of the most important data points across ALL your cases at once with custom dashboards
Protecting those who protect the most vulnerable

Minimize interaction with explicit images during forensic review

  • Updated integration with Project Vic + CAID to help law enforcement professionals identify, categorize and share explicit/sensitive images by using hash values
  • Explicit Image Detection (EID) for Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM) to reduce interaction with sensitive graphic material
Meet the new FTK Connect

Workflow automation + integration with cybersecurity platforms

  • Automate collection, processing, and admin tasks—triggered by cyber alerts or configured manually
  • Connect FTK with your SIEM, SOAR, or Cybersecurity platform to automatically perform forensic actions upon threat detection
  • Now includes cloud data sources collection!

No matter the type of forensic investigation,

There’s an FTK for that.
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